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Stay Ahead of the Curve with an IDTechEx Future Mobility Subscription

IDTechEx, a leading provider of market intelligence on technology innovation, offer clients a subscription option focused on Future Mobility as part of their market intelligence subscription services, including over 10,000 original analyst-created slides, more than 100 forecast lines across 50+ mobility markets, over 200 company based profiles based on primary research, and much more.
The Future Mobility Research Subscription provides clients across the value chain with all the on-going data and independent analysis on the mobility industry they need in one place. Users can access IDTechEx's extensive market intelligence research on electric vehicles, energy storage, autonomy, components and materials, and more, all through one on-demand online platform.
From megatrends to a deep analysis of componentry and materials, the research is driven by a highly technical analyst team who are embedded in the industry, and the subscription includes dedicated time with these experts. The team works directly with clients to understand their key objectives and needs within the mobility industry, helping them to meet their goals.
Luke Gear, Principal Analyst and leader of IDTechEx's research on future mobility, said "Over the past ten years, electric vehicle markets have surpassed expectations, growing at 86% CAGR. With governments doubling down on emissions regulation, and automaker investment increasing, electric vehicles are set to transform mobility over the next two decades. However, the greatest impact may come from the rise of autonomous vehicles, which we predict will have a profound effect on the auto market, leading to a fundamental 'peak car' scenario.
Enabling these megatrends are advancements and cost reductions to the underlying componentry and materials. From Li-ion batteries to LiDAR, there are plenty of innovations to come as the industry strives to close the performance gap with internal-combustion engines, increase safety, lower costs, and overcome regulatory barriers."
Gear adds, "IDTechEx has the most comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the future mobility industry and is unique in providing in-depth analysis for all categories of vehicle. Our research provides an independent view of the key trends driving the latest industry decisions, and subscription clients gain access to all of this research in real-time, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve".
Subscription packages are bespoke and can include research reports, in-depth, expert-written premium research articles on technology and market trends, company profiles with SWOT analysis, 10 and 20 year market forecasts, presentations, industry news, conference reports, webinars and more.
For more information on how a Future Mobility Research Subscription can help provide your organization with the information you need, when you need it, visit, or contact for more detail and to book a demo.
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