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Join the Upcoming Webinar on Electric Vehicle Markets Land, Sea, Air

Webinar Title: Electric Vehicle Markets Land, Sea, Air - The Targets, the Sales and the Shortages
Date: Thursday 19 May 2022
Presenter: Luke Gear, Principal Technology Analyst- IDTechEx
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Electric vehicle markets across land, sea and air will generate $2.6 trillion by 2042 - IDTechEx
Electric vehicle markets are growing globally - in total IDTechEx's new master electric vehicle report "Electric Vehicles Land, Sea, Air 2022-2042" finds a staggering 35.7 million electric vehicles were sold in 2021, demanding 307GWh of Li-ion batteries.
Yet, as Q1 2022 continues with record growth, the automotive industry and electric vehicle markets are facing unprecedented challenges. This webinar will provide a snapshot of electric car, electric two-wheeler, electric bus, electric truck, electric boat and electric air taxi (aka eVTOL) markets in 2021, with discussion around short-term outlooks:
Electric car markets surged in 2021 to 6.4 million unit sales, despite a lingering chip shortage and surging prices in key raw materials. These numbers include plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles, but growth was also strong in fuel cell and hybrid car markets.
Electric bus markets declined again year-on-year. The decline is driven by China, where sales have saturated in Tier 1 cities since 2016. Future growth is driven by Europe, where local leaders are beginning to emerge.
Electric truck markets. Though still at an early-stage, considerable progress is being made towards realising the significant deployment of all-electric trucks. With new BEV models from Volvo, Daimler and PACCAR ready to go into series production, and tangible demand for these vehicles from major multinational companies, the electric truck market is primed for strong growth. China is leading the way, supported by an established heavy-duty electric powertrain supply chain that has been built up over a decade's worth of bus electrification.
Electric two-wheeler sales globally are flat and have long been dominated by the ~29 million annual unit sales in China, a saturated market. Growth outside of China is driven by Europe and India, markets impacted by the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 but which recovered rapidly in 2021.
Electric boat sales surged in 2020 and 2021, partly due to the pandemic driven by more leisure time as workers stayed away from offices. New commercial electric vessels coming in use in 2021 have longer development cycles and suffered a decline, but the pipeline for 2022 is strong.
Electric air taxis (aka eVTOL) are not commercial but continue to generate hype and interest. The world's first eVTOL airport opened in Coventry, UK at the end of April 2022. Elsewhere, EHANG of China is making strides, but there are still many regulatory barriers to overcome. Many players plan to launch models next year in 2023.
Enabling EV Technologies. The IDTechEx report details emerging technology trends underpinning the transition to electrification, from silicon-anode batteries to axial-flux motors, power electronics and DC fast-charging. IDTechEx will briefly introduce and highlight developments in this webinar.
This webinar is based on content from IDTechEx's new EV report "Electric Vehicles Land, Sea, Air 2022-2042", which is IDTechEx's comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) master report covering eight EV markets broken down in over 90 forecast lines. The scope includes battery electric, fuel cell and hybrid vehicle unit sales, battery demand (GWh) and market revenue generation ($ billion).

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Date: Thursday 19 May 2022
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