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IDTechEx Release Thermal Management for EV Power Electronics Report

IDTechEx Research, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, announces the availability of a new report, "Thermal Management for EV Power Electronics 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets, and Trends".
The report forecasts that the combined market size of die-attach materials, substrate-attach materials, and TIM2 for EV power electronics will reach approximately US$900 million by 2034, presenting significant market opportunities. As thermal power continues to rise, it is expected that more advanced thermal management strategies will be adopted, thereby accelerating market growth at a double-digit Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2034.
IDTechEx has observed a growing trend towards 800V platforms and beyond, driven by several automotive OEMs including GM, Hyundai, VW, and Lucid Motors. These platforms, operating at higher voltages, are enhancing efficiency by minimizing joule losses and enabling the downsizing of high-voltage cabling, thereby reducing weight.
This transition is facilitated by the adoption of new technologies and materials, particularly silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, which incorporate innovative thermal management techniques and materials such as double-sided cooling (DSC), advanced Ag sintered die-attach, alongside the use of high-performance thermal interface materials.
"Thermal Management for EV Power Electronics 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets, and Trends" provides critical market intelligence about the area, volume, weight, and market value of die-attached solders, substrates, and TIM2s for electric vehicle power electronics, in particular, Si IGBT, SiC MOSFET, and GaN. Readers can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the market opportunities, active players, competitive landscape, technology benchmarking, and recent market developments.
The report addresses key aspects including:
  • A review of the power electronics, including Si IGBT, SiC MOSFET, and GaN.
  • An analysis of the TIMs for different layers in EV power electronics, including die attach, substrate attach and TIM2.
  • A summary of SiC MOSFET suppliers by automotive OEMs and semiconductor suppliers.
  • An in-depth technology analysis and commercial use case analysis of single and double-sided cooling.
  • An in-depth technology analysis of TIM1s (die attach and substrate attach), including solders, silver sintered TIMs, and copper sintered TIMs. An overview of Cu sintering paste suppliers.
  • Technology analysis of TIM2 in Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET. A benchmark comparison of thermal conductivity, thickness, and specific gravity.
  • Wire bonding technologies and trends.
  • Review of substrate materials and market share of EV power semiconductor/module suppliers.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the power electronics supply chain, including semiconductor suppliers, and power module suppliers to inverter makers and automotive OEMs.
  • Review of water and oil cooling of power modules.
  • Comparison of TIM area per kW of power (mm2/kW) for die attach, substrate attach and TIM2.
  • Die attach material area and market value forecast from 2024 to 2035.
  • Substrate attach material area and market value forecast from 2024 to 2035.
  • TIM2 area and market value forecast from 2024 to 2035.
  • Motor and inverter cooling by air, oil, and water-glycol.
The report Table of Contents includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Power Electronics Overview
  • Single-Sided Cooling
  • Double-Sided Cooling
  • TIM1
  • Ag-sintered TIM
  • Cu-Sintered TIM
  • TIM2
  • TIM2 Si IGBT
  • Removing TIMs
  • Summary of TIM1 and TIM2
  • Wire Bonding
  • Substrate Materials
  • Supply Chain for Power Semiconductors
  • Water and Oil Cooling
  • Use Cases of Power Electronics Cooling
  • Forecast
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