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Amazing new electric vehicles and components at EV Land Sea Air

The forthcoming event Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air USA 2012 in San Jose California March 27-28 will hear from the familiar giants such as Daimler, Mitsubishi and BMW talking of new initiatives, many beyond cars. It will also display and analyse many new electric vehicles not seen elsewhere including the new Soltrac pure electric farm tractor. A division of John Deere, the agricultural vehicle giant, will present, now that it has launched its first hybrid vehicles. On the other hand, the KleenSpeed Formula One pure electric car will be shown. It is the test bed for the leading edge new components that will go in its radically different compact car. There will be a visit to this remarkable innovator at NASA Ames Technology Park to see electric vehicles being developed, to Plasma Ruggedised Solutions and to solar charging innovator Sunpods - even optional Masterclasses by global experts and an awards dinner. You can still apply for an award.
Industry expert Dr Peter Harrop will present ten year forecasts for electric motors for all sizes of electric vehicle and explain why potentially one of the lowest cost technologies, the switched reluctance motor with no expensive magnets, is at last successful this year in the volume electric vehicle market.
Presenter Mr Tine Tomazic, Research & Development at electric aircraft company Pipistrel tell us it was established in 1987 and is the world leader in development and production of advanced light aircraft.
"Such a success was made possible by our progressive thinking and innovative production philosophy: the policy of our aircraft design has been based on aerodynamically clean lines and a perfect surface right from the start. Pipistrel is producing the world's only 2-seat electric powered glider, the Taurus Electro, which, together with the Solar Trailer make a totally emission-free independent solution for flying with lessons for land vehicles. In 2011, with the Taurus G4, team won the NASA Green Flight Challenge, smashing the required 200 Passenger mpg by flying a 200 mile course with an average speed of 107 mph and achieving 403 Passenger mpg." All this is directly relevant to the new wave of land-based pure electric vehicles that are achieving 50% increase in range to 150 miles.
Does stationary power include large energy storage devices for fast charging or perhaps use of range extender technology such as fuel cells in charging stations? All will be revealed by four speakers covering both contactless and contacted charging. Two contactless and two standardised contacted charging infrastructures will be revealed: IDTechEx has chosen the global leaders to do this, not the "me-too" box shifters. IDTechEx has a new report, "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2012-2022" that is already being updated because that aspect is moving so fast.

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Posted on: February 17, 2012

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