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Sion Power next generation battery technology, Licerion batteries

John Kopera, Vice President Corporate Operations of Sion Power says, "Sion has long been known for Li-S technology but we are more than that. We are the protected lithium metal battery company; the Licerion rechargeable battery company. We have created Licerion technology to answer the need for high energy rechargeable batteries with better energy density and specific energy than any other batteries available.
We are addressing various market needs starting with the high altitude UAV market, making possible High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) technology that we are developing with Airbus. Without Sion's high specific energy technology, this platform would not be possible. Additional markets such as military portables, stationary, and automotive are being addressed as the technology progresses.
Sion is developing the battery that will enable the practical mass market electric vehicle. Extended driving range at a cost that competes with gasoline engine vehicles. This battery is the Licerion battery.
We have a strong collaboration with BASF, the world's largest chemical company. With BASF we are developing the next generation of battery materials enabling a revolutionary rechargeable battery system based on Sion's Licerion technology.
Sion is developing strategic industry partnerships to bring the game changing Licerion technology to market.
The future of rechargeable batteries is here today at Sion Power."
In its new report on what will come after lithium-ion batteries analyst IDTechEx also concludes that lithium sulfur is in the lead. That is why the forthcoming IDTechEx conference, Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Santa Clara November 18-19 has major coverage on future traction batteries including presentations by both Sion Power and Oxis Energy on their different approaches to lithium sulfur. Other options are reviewed as well with new announcements.
Top image: Sion Power
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