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Future tradeoffs analysed at IDTechEx conference

At IDTechEx's forthcoming event, Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, taking place in Santa Clara on Nov 18-19, there will be many presentations on the next wave of battery technology for electric vehicles. For example, Oxis Energy will present on its rapid progress with lithium-sulfur traction batteries with many advantages of safety, temperature range and energy density being discussed. Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Sion Power Corporation are also giving perspectives on the future of traction batteries and revealing their new work in the field.
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx, commented: "The pace is hotting up with incremental change becoming rare. Most mechanical, electric and electronic parts are altering disruptively with several vanishing or merging and radically different options replacing many of the others. An interesting dynamic is that between batteries and the incoming wireless charging."
Speaker Afshin Partovi CEO and Founder of Mojo Mobility adds, "Range anxiety and cost of batteries are two main obstacles to wide scale adoption of EVs. By providing a fast, convenient, safe method of charging, wireless power allows drivers to recharge their EVs multiple times during the day easily, extending their range and cutting the size of the battery required. We believe this will have a positive impact on the adoption of EVs."
Customer surveys on wireless charging of mobile devices show that only one percent of users that have tried it will go back to wired charging. We believe that the experience will be even more compelling for EV owners.
IDTechEx predicts that the technology will become available in three phases:
1- Park your EV and it will be charged automatically.
2- In addition to being charged during parking, roads will be modified to provide charging during stops at red lights or stop signs extending the range of the EVs.
3- Charging will be built in to the roads to allow charging while you drive, greatly extending the range of EVs and reducing their battery size and cost and vehicle weight".
Find out more in Santa Clara on Nov 18-19 at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing

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Posted on: October 23, 2015

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