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Exciting line-up for conference on future electric vehicle technology

"The EV scene has changed radically in the last year," says Raghu Das CEO of IDTechEx, "and our forthcoming conference Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing will reflect that. In fact, the program is coming together very nicely now. For example, a section on Smart Materials and the related topics of Energy Harvesting and Regeneration will include breakthroughs in thermoelectrics, carbon fiber photovoltaics as structural electronics, regenerative suspension, super-efficient heating and lightweight glazing. That session alone illustrates the international nature of the event with its speakers from the Ukraine, the UK, Italy and Germany, from start-ups to universities and the chemical giant Sabic as EVs become very much a materials play. The big automotive and IT names are presenting too but on the new stuff with Toyota, Daimler and IBM covering such things as autonomous, connected and fuel cell vehicles".
Dr Peter Harrop Chairman of IDTechEx continues, "This year we add coverage of 48V mild hybrids as they are soon going to appear with silent all-electric take-off and the research for our new report on the subject has revealed that their commercial impact will be huge: it will even put a squeeze on the previously unstoppable market for the traditional strong hybrid. The massive 48V electrification of existing powertrain designs will involve over 100 million vehicle sales over the years all additional to the $500 million plus EV business in ten years from now. We are always keen to reveal the synergies between all these different approaches though, surfacing the huge opportunities for materials and component suppliers often with common or similar parts across many new applications. That is why several companies present on electric boats and others on electric buses and so on. It also helps the vehicle manufacturers to spot best practice wherever it occurs. We have the detail and we shall share our unique forecasts of EVs in 45 categories by land, water and air".
The conference Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" takes place in Berlin 27-28 April as part of eight parallel conferences and a large exhibition all under the title IDTechEx Show! On the days before and after there are 24 masterclasses with visits to local centres of excellence.

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Posted on: January 29, 2016

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