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IDTechEx Show! Berlin - What Is New For 2016

The annual IDTechEx Show! will have a focus on green technologies in Berlin on 27-28 April. The session 'Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing,' will showcase speakers and exhibitors from giants including Toyota, Daimler, Tesla, Siemens and IBM. They will be discussin how mechanical, electric and electronic parts are completely changing and often merging. IDTechEx has also carefully selected many little known names and universities with new breakthroughs to announce. New systems such as regenerative suspension and reversible converters are presented alongside fresh views of the autonomous and connected vehicle. Chip winner ARM automotive systems division and Panasonic Automotive Systems of Japan present in the Internet of Things conference.
A session on 'Energy Harvesting and Storage' embraces powering of Internet of Things nodes in vehicles right up to propelling the vehicles themselves. Construction and mining vehicle giant Komatsu is one speaker as is electric bus and EV charger maker ABB.
Altreonic launches its modular, scalable KURT EV city vehicles for the first time at the event. Over 100 automotive materials, inspection and processing companies are part of the 160+ exhibition. That includes Hitachi Chemical, Solvay, Nagase and Kimoto. Gold exhibitor Novacentrix has the next generation curing technology while silver exhibitors Henkel, Analog Devices, Ulvac and RMT and speaker Sabic have the polycarbonate glazing, electronics, adhesives, chemicals, vacuum processing, thermoelectric coolers and more.
As photovoltaics and other energy harvesting and regeneration in many new forms appears in automotive uses by land, water and air, the contribution of exhibitors including DuPont, DuPont-Teijin, Fujifilm and Delta Microelectronics is valued. Flexous and many others cover the necessary wireless sensors.
However, organiser and leading analyst Dr Peter Harrop notes that, "Authoritative overviews are also essential so this year we have the legendary Professor Jimmy Chang of CAEC covering, 'The Future of Lithium-ion Batteries', IBM on the self-enabling vehicle and InnoZ on integrated mobility concepts. IDTechEx analysts will reveal the most comprehensive forecasts in the industry".
Siemens looks at 'The Future of the City Bus' and Toyota examines 'The Future of Sustainable Mobility' including its fuel cell program. coModule reveals, 'The Future of Light Electric Vehicles: Connected and Autonomous'.
In a recent IDTechEx report, the new 48V mild hybrid cars, trucks and buses are predicted jointly to sell in a massive tens of millions yearly. They will provide much EV performance including all-electric silent take-off. Reflecting the huge new interest in these, Dr Ralph Stommer of AB Mikroelektronik gives the overview, 'From System to Product: Thinking Big About Future 48V Motor Controllers.'
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