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Europe's most important event on emerging technologies opens next week

Next week the IDTechEx Show! will host 170 exhibitors and over 2,000 delegates who are coming together in Berlin to see the latest innovations in the fields of wearable technology, printed electronics, sensors, 3D printing, IoT, electric vehicles and energy harvesting. Bringing these topics together at one event connects emerging technologies developers with their customers.
To date, attendee registrations are up by 17% and exhibiting organizations are up by 27% on last year.
Of the big brand all-star speaker line up, comprising of over 200 speakers from around the world, organizations such as LG Display, NASA, Toyota, Google, Sony, Daimler, Hewlett Packard, Siemens and many more will present on their needs and latest technology breakthroughs. Session tracks include structural electronics, 3D printed electronics, wearable technology in healthcare, e-textiles, connected vehicles, flexible displays and much more.
The IDTechEx Show! assesses the full value chains of these technologies, from materials such as quantum dots, perovskites and graphene to innovative manufacturing of electronic and electrical devices to the real life problems they are solving. The event starts with the business opportunities first - adopters in each sector will discuss their needs and experiences so that the audience can gauge what is of value and what is not.
From a Tesla car and the champion solar powered racing car on display from the Nuon team, to companies exhibiting the latest material advancements that are now available, the full supply chain is represented in the exhibition.
The event has a hands-on theme with zones in the exhibition arena varying from Demonstration Street - the world's largest collection of printed and flexible electronics in one place - to Manufacturing Street - featuring companies bringing in industrial level manufacturing equipment and running these on the exhibition floor - to the latest devices shown by exhibitors from skin patches to flexible displays.
The event is analyst lead, run by IDTechEx which provides both research and events on emerging technologies. It therefore covers the hottest sectors that you need to be aware of, with analyst presentations also covering what is not taking off and why. See beyond the hype and understand the opportunities and the real problems that need to be addressed. In addition, IDTechEx analysts help attendees with their enquiries including facilitating networking, making this a valuable business development opportunity.
Come and take a look for yourself. Exhibition only access is just 49 Euros for pre registrations
See why other business professionals involved in growth development, business development, product development, business leadership, research leadership and technology scouting return year on year. Make sure you don't miss your annual chance in Europe to see these innovations and meet customers in one place.
The IDTechEx Show! will be held at the Estrel Convention Centre on April 27-28 with expert led masterclasses on April 26 and April 29. For more details see
About IDTechEx Show! - 27 & 28th April 2016, Berlin, Germany.
Hosted by global emerging technology research and technology scouting firm IDTechEx, the IDTechEx Show! is a unique event that brings together multiple inter-related emerging technologies in one place, with eight parallel conference tracks on the topics of printed and flexible electronics; wearable technology; 3D printing; sensors; graphene; Internet of Things; energy harvesting and storage; and electric vehicles. The conference events also include optional masterclasses and tours to select organisations in Berlin on 26 & 29 April. For more information, visit
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