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When will 48V mild hybrids become EVs?

48V mild hybrids will start series production at many automotive manufacturers in 2017 with many others following shortly after. They and their suppliers variously project that they will meet the tough new emissions laws at one half to one quarter of the costs of EVs. Some analysts see that as creating a $250 to $500 billion 48V business mostly as cars before pure electric versions sweep the board in 10-15 years from now. 
In its research for its report, "Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031" ( IDTechEx found most car makers negative about 48V cars ever transmogrifying into electric vehicles by electric motors powering the wheels with the engine off, however briefly. Some suppliers demurred and work on just that and Volkswagen concede it might happen in about 15 years. In IDTechEx interviews in September and October at the top auto companies the negativity was still there but things are stirring. Mercedes is installing the necessary integrated motor generators not belt drive and Tier One supplier Valeo presented an appropriate 48 Volt mild hybrid system at the recent Paris Motor Show. The 48V e4Sport can be used in all types of vehicles with petrol or diesel-powered engines and supports all-electric driving.
At the Battery Show/Electric & Hybrid Show in Michigan recently Continental described its 48V systems as headed for 20kW up from 13 kW. Others plan 30 kW and batteries up to 6kWh. Pure electric modes are more feasible with the big new inputs that can now be handled such as 500W high efficiency solar across the whole roof, some even planning GaAs solar of over 1 kW on some cars as we progress to Energy Independent Vehicles  
(EIV). These are a major focus of the forthcoming IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara California with over 3000 paying delegates, over 200 exhibitors of advanced photovoltaics for vehicles, extreme lightweighting materials, radical new EVs and much more.
One of the eight parallel conferences is on Energy Harvesting, another on Energy Storage and another called "Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing". Lessons will emerge from four electric aircraft companies and three solar car companies presenting. Uniquely, the focus is the future for both the vehicles (Porsche, BYD now world number two in EVs, Toyota the world number one and so on) and the smart materials.  Join us in Santa Clara, Nov 16-17 to learn more:

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Posted on: October 14, 2016

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