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IDTechEx Electric Vehicles Europe 2017 Award Winner

Sono Motors, Germany were presented last night with the Most Significant Innovation Award in Electric Vehicles at the IDTechEx Show, Berlin.
Co-Founder and CEO, Laurin Hahn was honoured to accept the award on behalf of his team for their project, 'Sion - The First Mainstream Solar Car'. Speaking to IDTechEx at the Berlin event, Laurin commented, "One year ago, when we founded Sono Motors, with the aim of producing a Solar Car we would never ever have imagined that we would be able to share our vision at the IDTechEx Event in Berlin. Now - as we are even awarded to be the Most Significant Innovation in the category Electric Vehicles - we are more than absolutely honored to be part of the show."
Laurin Hahn, CEO & Co-Founder and Dr Fanny Barde, Project Manager, Battery Team, Toyota Motor Europe
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx and highly respected EV expert, was enthusiastic about the entry from Sono Motors: "Energy Independent Electric Vehicles EIV are a megatrend. Sono Motors presses the starting gun for street legal ones on general sale."
Sono Motors are showing all car makers the path to fully energy-independent vehicles!

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