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Key enabling technologies for Energy Independent Vehicles Land, Water,

IDTechEx is staging the world's first conference on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 27-28 September at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, where the most advanced solar racing cars and boats are made and the necessary new forms of wind, solar and elastomer generator energy harvesting are developed. There are six optional masterclasses on the subject on the day before and day after and a small exhibition. Much of the basic research is carried out there on advanced vehicle photovoltaics and Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) needed with it to make ships energy independent. Think tethered kites and drones generating 100kW or more.

Lightweighting including structural electronics

The event has an exhibition and this and the conference reveal new findings on the key enabling technologies. Analyst IDTechEx offers a conference lecture and a masterclass on the necessary extreme lightweighting including structural electronics because, as Jaguar Land Rover recently observed, "components will no longer be passengers in the vehicle structure".
Professor Elias Soares of the UK University of Bolton gives latest progress on multiple energy harvesting within woven fabric so sails and airship skin can make electricity from rain, wind and daylight. Dr Miron Zeman of TU Delft explains future structural photovoltaics in EIVs.
Dr Antti Keranen of Tactotek Finland covers, "Reducing Weight And Optimizing Volume With Injection Molded Structural Electronics." TactoTek Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) changes the way electronic parts are designed and built. It is a solution that integrates printed electronics (circuitry, sensors, and antennas) and discrete electronic components (LEDs, ICs, etc.) inside thin 3D plastic structures. He counsels, "Benefits of IMSE for Energy Independent Electric Vehicles are that it significantly reduces the thickness and weight of parts, thus maximizing the usable interior volume and lightweighting vehicle mass. Other benefits include excellent touch and antenna performance, simplified vehicle integration and reduced total cost of ownership".

New technologies to reach the end game

From other globally recognised experts, hear about, "Future Regeneration and Harvesting: Triboelectric Tires, Dielectric Elastomer Generator/ 6D Motion Harvested Boats, EH suspension" leading to, "The End Game: Autonomy of Navigation, Task and Energy for Land, Water & Air".
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