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Winners of the EV Award Presented at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin

Delft University of Technology, PRE Power Developers, Last Mile Solutions, supported by TKI and LomboxNet were the winners of the IDTechEx Show! Award: 'Most Significant Innovation for Electric Vehicles', presented in Berlin this week.
Their award submission on "Solar powered DC EV charger with V2G" was chosen by judge, Malte Jaensch, from Porsche as being the most "innovative, credible and business-relevant development." The other award judge, François Savoye from Renault Trucks said, "The ultimate solutions for green mobility will necessarily have to cope with a clever way to use green electricity. Solar power is one of the key technologies in that manner. This project involves simplifications in the charging system architecture that make solar power not only cost competitive, but also energy efficient to charge EVs.
The team were delighted to win and commented, "Our EV charger is the first of its kind providing direct DC charging of EV from PV and can feed energy from the EV battery back to the grid"
For more details: PRE Power Developers,, Last Mile Solutions,, TU Delft, and LomboxNet
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Image: Pavol Bauer and Gautham Ram from TU Delft and Menno Kardolus PRE Power Developers. Source: IDTechEx

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Posted on: April 13, 2018

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