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Electric vehicles are the new material battleground

Hear the latest from the biggest names in Santa Clara, Nov 14-15

Electric vehicles are rapidly scaling up in production, but under the surface of this explosive growth there are significant competitions taking place across the supply chain. The shift in componentry from traditional internal combustion engines to electric powertrains and battery systems has given rise to plenty of new opportunities.
One significant feature is the adoption of lightweight materials for the improvement in both range and performance. A new session dedicated to lightweighting of electric vehicle componentry will be held at the leading conference and exhibition on emerging technologies. The Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing conference runs from November 14-15 in Santa Clara, USA, External Link
The speakers are a selection of the largest material suppliers and tier 1 integrators; they will showcase their advancements in this field and provide the audience with a key outlook for this emerging battleground. The speakers and presentations include:
  • POSCO are one of the steel industry giants and will present on EV solutions from BIW to battery packs.
  • Röchling are a key automotive tier 1 player and will present on their lightweight crash absorbing enclosure for battery systems.
  • Faurecia is another highly significant player in automotive parts and will explore some of the opportunities around innovative materials.
  • Zoltek are a subsidiary of Toray and the market leader in heavy tow carbon fiber. They will give a look as to the advanced role lightweight composites can play.
The electric vehicle conference also includes dedicated sessions on light vehicles, buses, trucks, mining, and more, with talks from: Porsche, BYD, Proterra, Isuzu, Alta Motors, Zero Motorcycles, and Thor Trucks.
This conference is co-located with many others including energy storage, graphene, 3D printing, sensors and more, so that any attendee gets a full and detailed picture of the key emerging technologies on display.
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Posted on: September 14, 2018

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