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Leading players in autonomous vehicle technology gather

The Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing 2018 conference, part of IDTechEx Show! USA 2018 will take place on the 14th and 15th of November in Santa Clara, California. This conference will explore the synergies between Electric Vehicles and broader automotive trends such as the rise of Autonomous Vehicles.
For this purpose, The Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing 2018 conference brings together a number of key players developing enabling technologies for Autonomous Vehicles, from leading LiDAR sensor manufacturers Velodyne LiDAR, Quanergy and Ouster to electronic design automation (EDA) software leader Mentor (a Siemens business).
Autonomous Vehicles use a combination of sensors such as LiDAR, radar, cameras and sonar to gather data around the moving vehicle. Advanced computer processing and complex AI algorithms are then used to render a real time 3D map to navigate the vehicle safely.
The Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing 2018 event will examine these technological advancements with the list of scheduled presentations outlined below.
  • Velodyne LiDAR: The Essential Role Of Lidar Technology In Shaping Our Autonomous Future;
  • Mentor: Vehicle Autonomy And Electrification: A Perfect Match?;
  • Quanergy: Why Solid State Lidar Is The Key To A Driverless Future;
  • Eyeris: Vision AI inside Autonomous and Highly Automated Vehicles (HAVs);
  • Ouster: Opportunities And Tradeoffs In Lidar Technology.
Attendees of the Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing 2018 event can also follow sessions such as 'Electric Cars, Buses and Light EVs' to 'Second Life Batteries'; covering applications for retired electric vehicle batteries. The show provides opportunity to learn more about market needs, case studies and technology breakthroughs in the electric vehicles industry. Electric vehicles, autonomous and connected vehicles are a particularly exciting area at IDTechEx, as innovations in each of the emerging technologies that we cover continue to have a disruptive impact on the changing electric vehicle landscape.
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