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Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019

IDTechEx is the only analyst company in the world following the electrification of 65+ vehicle segments. Looking beyond the battery-electric car movement, it is our position that an equally inevitable transition is taking place, not only with alternative vehicles, but also with alternative forms of powertrain.
This stance is reflected in our upcoming conference Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing held on April 10, 11 at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin, Germany.
The conference will kick-off with keynote talks from Daimler on 'Alternative Propulsion Systems', and Mitsubishi Motors, who will explain electric vehicles' role in the grid of the future with 'Mitsubishi's Vehicle-to-Everything Charger'.
The keynotes will be followed by a session entitled 'Opportunities Across the EV Spectrum', where Oceanvolt, a Finnish electric yacht maker, will explore the concept of electric boating - a segment that is growing rapidly despite the fact that it is not underpinned by governmental policy.
At IDTechEx, we have long argued that in the future energy independent vehicles will, to some degree, co-exist with plug-in electric vehicles; we even speculate such technologies will lead to peak LiB, as one part in a 'death by a thousand cuts' scenario. This year at the conference, IDTechEx is delighted to bring in Lightyear, who will discuss the exciting future of its innovative solar-powered cars.
On the technology side, IDTechEx is pleased to bring together players developing key technologies for powertrains, including Valeo and Continental Powertrain. Both companies will share their thoughts on 48V systems: as the pace of adoption for plug-in electric vehicles increases, and emissions targets and petrol bans mount up, in which vehicle niches is 48V still viable?
Finally, India is often regarded as the most important market for light electric vehicles. Three-wheelers (such as auto rickshaw's) are ubiquitous in the South Asian country, having replaced taxis. Moreover, motorcycle sales have now topped 20 million units annually, which represents roughly 45 percent of the global market, by IDTechEx estimates.
For the first time at the 'Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing' conference, IDTechEx is pleased to bring in Naveen Munjal, Managing Director of Hero Electric. Hero are market leaders for electric two-wheelers in India, and have come to share a unique perspective on why the future of electric vehicles in the country is motorcycles.
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Posted on: March 29, 2019

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