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ZapGo Technology Win Most Significant Innovation in Electric Vehicles

IDTechEx are delighted to announce ZapGo Ltd as the winner of the annual award 'Most Significant Innovation in Electric Vehicles'.
ZapGo Ltd were presented with their award at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany this week. They were recognized for their grid storage solution for electric vehicles involving Carbon-Ion™ (C-Ion®) technology.
Richard Collins, Senior Technology Analyst and Stephen Voller, CEO & Founder, ZapGo
This award is given to the most significant technical development within electric vehicles over the last 24 months as judged by an independent panel of judges, one of whom commented, "ZapGo are pioneering electric vehicle supercapacitor bodywork as well as other original formats and initiatives."
Stephen Voller, CEO and founder of ZapGo, commented: "The IDTechEx Electric Vehicles Most Significant Innovation Award is a great endorsement of the Zap&Go ultra-fast charging vision that next generation electric vehicles should cost the same, and perform the same as combustion engine vehicles. That is an EV can be charged in 5 minutes for a 500 km range. We believe that the energy storage capability made possible by our C-Ion technology, along with its ability to facilitate ultra-fast charging, offers a unique and innovative solution to one of the major challenges facing the world as it gears up for the EV future. As such, ZapGo are very honored to have been recognized by IDTechEx."
The next Electric Vehicles Awards will take place in Santa Clara at the IDTechEx Show! USA - 20-21 November 2019:

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Posted on: April 12, 2019

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