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Electric Vehicle Materials - Act Now Or Miss The Opportunity!

Since their accelerated growth began in 2015, 2019 saw two of the top three regions selling electric cars plateau as a short-term transition from 'carrot' to 'stick' unfolds. In China, serious subsidy phase-outs, amid relaxing of internal combustion engine bans (to stimulate overall car sales), are to blame. Similarly, growth in the US has been underpinned by Tesla, whose tax credits were slashed mid-year as quotas were reached.
However, what has not changed is the will to decarbonise, and, in the long-term, massive growth of electric vehicles, from cars (see chart) to buses, trucks, micro-mobility, boats and ships, will continue. This will bring abundant opportunities for companies throughout the supply chain, particularly those involved in supplying innovative new materials and components enabling the transition. The upcoming IDTechEx event Material Opportunities for Electric Vehicles brings focus to the latest advances and roadmaps for novel materials used in electric vehicles, revealing where and how materials companies can act so as not to miss the present and upcoming opportunity.
Join us on 13/14 May 2020 in Berlin, Germany and hear the latest advances for novel materials used in electric vehicles. For more information please visit:
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Posted on: February 14, 2020

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