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Here comes China - part two

Golf cars

Although Ingersoll rand and Textron in the USA still sit astride the golf car business there are now many Chinese competitors and, like the Americans, they also modify them for light industrial and commercial use.
Tonaro golf and general purpose vehicle from China
Source: Tonaro
Suzhou Eagle two and four seat golf cars from China
Source: Suzhou Eagle EV Manufacturing
Yongkang Fourstar golf vehicles from China
Source: Yongkang Fourstar
Shadong Wuzheng golf cars from China
Source: Shadong Wuzheng
Jinhua Ryder golf car from China
Source: Jinhua Ryder

Two wheel on road scooters

Despite being late to the game, the Chinese now make nearly all of the on road two wheel e-scooters and nearly all of them are used in China for getting to work, just like the e-bikes. Benjamin Consulting Group analyses this business with staff on the ground in China. The typical two wheeler shown below comes with lead acid or lithium battery options.
Interchina Industry Group EEC scooter
Source Interchina Industry Group
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Posted on: June 22, 2010

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