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1000 Mile Electric Cars for Everyone

Some research from Dr Peter Harrop's new IDTechEx report 'Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars'
Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars 2021-2041
Materials opportunities, simplification, lightweighting, 3-5 photovoltaics, solid state batteries, zero-emission range extenders, supercapacitors, wide bandgap, graphene, aluminium, sun-tracking, heat pumps
Fast charging is all the talk now but doubling then trebling the range is seismic. The world solves its problems by eliminating infrastructure. The 285 page IDTechEx report, "Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars 2021-2041" spells it out.

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Posted on: June 7, 2021

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