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Enthusiasm for first land, water and air electric vehicle event

BAE Systems has just agreed to speak at IDTechEx event "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose December 7-8. It is eloquent testimony to the need for this event that, for the first time covers hybrid and pure electric vehicles and their components for land, water and air applications because the $36 billion BAE Systems does all three with similar technology and challenges.
Indeed, fresh from making a Deepflight submarine for Richard Branson, Graham Hawkes of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, another speaker at the event, believes it is now possible to plan for an aircraft that dives underwater like a gannet.
PC-Aero of Germany presents a new pure electric manned aircraft with solar panels on the wings as an option.
Never was there a greater need for vehicle, material and component manufacturers to sell their skills and benchmark best practice beyond the well rehearsed subject of electric family cars.
For example, another presenter with very broad electric vehicle ambitions is Fiat Group. It owns Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati. Fiat Group has 20% of Chrysler and it can become the majority owner once Chrysler's government loans are repaid. Fiat Group owns CNH Global (Kobelco, New Holland etc). CNH is the second largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world. It is also the third largest producer of construction equipment.
On the other hand, there will be a visit to presenters Kleenspeed, which has a 200 mph Formula One car as a test bed for the big advances in affordable on-road vehicles of the future.
At this unique event, printed electronics and electrics, next generation batteries, energy harvesting, wireless sensors, turbine range extenders, smart materials and new components of universal appeal will be presented. Best-in-class speakers from across North America, Europe and East Asia have been selected with space for a few more. This is attracting those needing the big picture and best practice from wherever it comes and on whatever vehicle it is used for the first time.
The evolution of both hybrids and pure electric vehicles over the next ten years will be analysed, with scoping of global demand by types - land, water and air. The breakthroughs to come are the focus.
Organiser Dr Peter Harrop of EV analysts IDTechEx says, "We are certainly having no trouble in getting speakers because this is exactly what they say is wanted. Indeed our delegates already include people from Russia, Japan and Saudi Arabia, such is the breadth of interest."
For more visit: Future of Electric Vehicles which uniquely covers the whole electric vehicle market - land, sea, air whether hybrid or pure EV - with emphasis on future breakthroughs. other speakers at this event include unmanned marine vehicle manufacturer Hawkes Remotes Inc and surface craft experts Carolina Electric Boats.

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Posted on: August 17, 2010

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