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Exotica at Future of Electric Vehicles Event

Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx is organiser of the event Future of Electric Vehiclesevent December 7-8 in San Jose California. He says, "Our unique emphasis is on future breakthroughs in all electric vehicles. To achieve this coverage, we have five automotive giants and NASA speaking but we are also adding awesome smaller projects as well, including Hawkes Ocean Technologies which believes that submarines that fly and dive will be possible."
Another startling example is the solar car of Dr John Schaefer whose contribution has just been added to the optional Masterclass "Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensors for Electric Vehicles" on the day after the two day conference. He represents the Canadian Solar Car Xof1 project. This has shattered the distance record without resorting to the intensity of desert sunshine. On solar energy alone the Xof1 solar car has travelled more than 36,000 km throughout North America, including trips north of the Arctic Circle. Like its World Solar Car predecessors, Xof1 is lightweight, carries its own PV array and batteries, and looks almost like a spacecraft on three wheels.
Throughout this journey, founder Marcelo da Luz has visited thousands of students, inspiring them to follow their dreams in saving the environment. He teaches that, "Utilizing imagination as well as solar energy, high efficiency sustainable transportation is feasible."
Dr Schaefer has managed research projects and consulted in solar energy and electric vehicles for utilities, government agencies, the UN and corporations since 1985. This Masterclass is led by Dr Harry Zervos of IDTechEx and it embraces the pros and cons of piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, electrodynamic, thermoelectric and other harvesting including in automotive MEMS - all important as electric vehicles for land, water and air are entirely redesigned to optimally employ a host of new technologies.
Assisting Dr Peter Harrop in the Masterclass, "Energy Storage Solutions for Electric Vehicles" will be Barrie Lawson of Woodbank covering "The Pitfalls in Procuring EV batteries". There are five Masterclasses across the day before and the day after the conference.
The latest giant corporation to join the line up in the main conference is BMW, who will not only present on its MINI E - but will also be exhibiting a pure electric model of the iconic MINI. Further reflecting the theme of future breakthroughs there will be a display of energy harvesting shock absorbers, two electric land vehicles from KleenSpeed, two record breaking electric motor bikes, and new electric bikes - a folding bike, a commuter bike and a lifestyle cruiser bike.
Early bird registrations receive a free copy of the brand new IDTechEx report Electric Buses and Taxis 2011-2021. Another new report, "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2011-2021" will be available in time for the event, which is unique in the breadth of its coverage. International in scope, it has speakers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Japan and across Europe - Italy, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Switzerland. There will be visits to SunPods and Kleenspeed. See
Attend: Future of Electric Vehicles which uniquely covers the whole electric vehicle market - land, sea, air whether hybrid or pure EV - with emphasis on future breakthroughs.

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Posted on: November 15, 2010

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