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Upcoming Webinar - Decoding Sodium-ion: Market Insights and Outlook

Webinar Title: Decoding Sodium-ion: Market Insights and Outlook
Date: Thursday 25 January 2024
Presenter: Shazan Siddiqi, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
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Are you curious about the future of energy storage and the role sodium-ion batteries are set to play in the market? Join IDTechEx's upcoming webinar on the topic that will take a deep dive into the landscape of sodium-ion technology and its potential impact on the wider energy storage market. This session is ideal for industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts eager to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.
The webinar will address the unique features that make sodium-ion batteries a compelling alternative to traditional lithium-ion counterparts for certain applications. It will also provide insights into commercialisation activities globally, material innovations, and the strategic positioning of sodium-ion technology in the broader energy landscape. From cost-effectiveness to environmental sustainability, the webinar will dissect the factors driving the sodium-ion battery market forward.
This webinar presented by Shazan Siddiqi, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will cover the developments in global sodium-ion battery markets. Based on IDTechEx's new report, "Sodium-ion Batteries 2024-2034: Technology, Players, Markets, and Forecasts", webinar attendees can expect to learn about this emerging beyond-lithium energy storage technology, especially as first mass productions are already starting in China.
The following aspects will be addressed:
  • Materials for sodium-ion cell design
  • Sodium-ion battery value proposition
  • Opportunities and challenges in the sodium-ion battery market
  • Sodium-ion battery players and commercialisation efforts
  • IDTechEx outlook for sodium-ion batteries by 2030

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Date: Thursday 25 January 2024
Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes
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