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Upcoming Webinar - The Four Future Automotive Technology Opportunities

Webinar Title: The Four Future Automotive Technology Opportunities
Date: Tuesday 30 January 2024
Presenter: Dr James Jeffs, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
Space is limited - book your seat today!
Electrification, autonomous driving, connected and software defined vehicles, and in-cabin sensing. These are the four new technologies that will be worth US$1.6 trillion by 2034 according to IDTechEx's report "Future Automotive Technologies 2024-2034: Applications, Megatrends, Forecasts". These technologies are reshaping the automotive space, changing how cars are powered, how they are operated, how to interact with them, how they are paid for and more.
The emerging automotive megatrends bring new opportunities to the industry in the form of hardware and services. This IDTechEx webinar gives an overview of each opportunity area and explains what the opportunity is and how much growth to expect.
The webinar will include:
  • An overview of the megatrends changing the automotive industry
  • Explanation of what hardware/services are associated with each trend
  • CAGR growth rates for each of these technologies
  • Hardware vs services, where the biggest opportunity is

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We will be holding exactly the same webinar three times in one day. Please register for the session most convenient for you.
Date: Tuesday 30 January 2024
Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes
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If you are unable to make the date, please register anyway to receive the links to the on-demand recording (available for a limited time) and webinar slides as soon as they are available.

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