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China's massive EV production plan

China plans to put more than a million electric vehicles onto the road each year by 2015, according to a recent report in the state-run People's Daily. That compares with an IDTechEx projection of around 4.1 million globally in its new report Electric Vehicles 2011-2021 and our large forecast for the Chinese output of electric buses given in our report, Electric Buses and Taxis 2011-2021 , where China is dominant by a big margin in later years. The newspaper notes that new plans for the auto industry are about to be published making both pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles a national priority.
China's long-term target is for 100 million new cars and buses to be produced each year by 2020, it says. That must include conventional ICE vehicles. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will invest more than 100 billion yuan over the next 10 years to support new energy vehicle production, "in order to make China the world's largest new energy automobile production country".
EV manufacturers in India have also had a recent boost in the shape of a government decision to extend support in their domestic market. This subsidy package is worth nearly $20 million between it represents 20% of each vehicle sold to Indian customers. Pawan Goenka, the automotive sector president of G-Wiz pure electric car manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra, said the move will encourage development of alternative fuel technologies across India. But Mr Goenka, who leads the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, cautioned that the government would have to continue supporting the country's "technology leap" beyond 2011. Tata is the country's leading motor manufacturer. Its operation in Europe, where it owns Jaguar LandRover and has a major share in Bladon Jets, is called Tata Motors Europe.
The giant automotive companies with electric vehilce interests take a global view. For example, GM has its Adam Opel and other subsidiaries across the world and Tata of India has Tata Motors Europe and other subsidaairies across the world promoting its electric vehicles. Now smaller automotive companies such as Tara International, Tesla Motors, Peraves, Bluebird Automotive, eCRP and Alke' are also expanding globally with electric vehicles. A similar thing is happening with aerospace companies involved in electric aircraft such as EADS and boat companies, even small ones such as Kopf Solarschiff.
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Posted on: March 8, 2011

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