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Novel electric scooter fits inside a suitcase

In 2008 engineer Terry Hope began designing and building a small, novel electric scooter; so small in fact that it would fit inside a suitcase. The KPV (Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle) stands as the fruition of these efforts, incorporating both battery and photovoltaic power in a zero emissions personal vehicle.
The energy harvesting prototype includes a 12V kinetic generator, 10.8-volt ultracapacitor bank and 24V LiFePO4 battery pack that can be charged to 80% in 15 minutes by either connecting to the mains electricity or converting energy from the solar display. Range extends to 13km whilst power can be boosted with a supplementary 12V battery booster pack. The KPV weighs 44 pounds with an additional 6 pounds for the solar array and can reach a top speed of 20mph.
The 50W solar array comprises of 14"x6"x6" mono crystalline solar cells wired in a series and functions as fairings or aerodynamic wind cutters, improving the vehicle's drag coefficient value. Small 3-phase alternators have been incorporated, each able to convert alternating current to direct current with 74% efficiency.
The original KPV was revealed last summer, with the second embodiment currently under construction and due to be publicised this year.
For more attend the upcoming event Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air in June in Stuttgart, Germany. Never before has there been an opportunity in Europe for people in land, water and air electric vehicles and their components, infrastructure and test equipment to compare notes in one event. Delegates already signed up vary from Airbus, Hudson Power Sports and Hudson Yachts to Sony, the Bulgarian Electric Vehicle Association and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.
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Posted on: May 5, 2011

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