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Oxford Yasa Motors in racing, motorcycles and sports cars

Oxford YASA Motors has an axial flux synchronous motor technology with exceptional power to weight ratio that it is putting into racing cars, motorcycles and sports cars with partners in Malaysia and elsewhere.
Oxford YASA Motors, Westfield Sportscars and Potenza Technology have signed a Risk & Revenue Sharing Agreement (RRSA) that creates an exclusive business alliance to support the development and launch of the world's first fully race-prepared electric vehicle, the iRACER and the new Electric GTM sportscar.
YASA Motors and Potenza Technology will provide high-performance integrated battery, traction motor and controller solutions based on the innovative YASA axial-flux motor, Sevcon Gen 4 Size 8 controllers and Potenza's well proven Battery and Vehicle Control Systems. The iRACER featured in the EV Cup, the world's first dedicated electric race series that started at Silverstone on the 6th August this year. The EV Cup has attracted high-profile teams such as Drayson Racing who will be running the iRACER throughout the first season of racing.
The eGTM road vehicle is currently being developed by Westfield and Potenza Technology for Potenza Sports Cars Limited who recently entered into a separate RRSA with DRB-HICOM in Malaysia, to manufacture and distribute the eGTM throughout South East Asia. The recently announced collaboration between Sevcon and YASA Motors to develop the novel ISYS Drive, a compact integrated, direct-drive twin motor and controller unit offering a combined specific torque of 30Nm/kg and 200kW / 270bhp of power will be the exclusive drive-train solution for the eGTM.
Dr Paul Faithfull, Managing Director of Potenza Technology and Technical Director of Westfield Sportscars, said "We have built a strong and successful relationship with the team at YASA Motors since the company formed in 2009. Their motor and controller package has proven to be reliable and, simply put, offers us the best performance, packaging and efficiency available on the market".
Nick Farrant, CEO of YASA Motors, said "Our collaboration with Westfield Sportscars and Potenza Technology underpins our high pace of commercial development and supports our business model of market-facing collaboration with world-class partners. The iRACER is a fantastic platform to showcase the performance and potential of our combined products and technology in the most demanding motorsport environment, as well as demonstrating the growing number of exciting electric vehicles to the wider viewing public. We are delighted to enter into this agreement and to help create two appealing new vehicles that will benefit from the very latest electric propulsion technology. This strategic alliance of small UK companies yet again confirms the leading position that the UK has in this growing segment of the automotive market".
This year, Oxford YASA Motors has achieved management system certification to ISO9001:2008 within just 21 months of the company being formed. The scope of management system certification is the design, development and manufacture of advanced electric motors and generators, and represents a key step in the company's commercial and operational development.
Nick Farrant, CEO of YASA Motors, said "I am delighted that YASA Motors has secured ISO9001:2008 certification. We have operated in a highly quality-centric way from the very outset. To pull new people, processes and production approaches together in a young manufacturing business and meet the requirements of the standard this early, is a tremendous achievement. I would specifically like to thank our Operations Director Dr Charles King and Quality Manager Michael Gourlay for leading this initiative to a successful conclusion and the whole team for the hard work and dedication they've put in to the development, implementation and ongoing improvement of our management systems".
Oxford YASA Motors is a dynamic young business, ideally positioned to become a leading provider of advanced electric motors and generators. The novel YASA motor offers the highest torque-to-weight ratio available on the market (40Nm/kg) in a versatile package that is suitable for high volume production. The next generation YASA motor will be optimised for power density and will achieve 10kW/kg, significantly higher than competitor motors.
The company can also confirm that agreements are now being finalised to relocate from the current location in Shippon, Abingdon to Milton Park. Farrant said "the relocation to Milton Park is scheduled to be completed in early 2012 and will see the company expanding engineering and production facilities to support growth over the coming years. The move will enable our internal electric motor development and production operations to build up to 1,500 motors per annum".
"In parallel, the company is now focused on manufacturing partnerships to secure volume production for its range of electric motors and generators".
While a major step forward, ISO9001:2008 is the first step towards the more Automotive specific TS16949. YASA Motors engineering and production teams have many decades of automotive experience and are already operating mandatory TS processes.
Oxford YASA™ Motors Limited is Oxford University's 65th spin-out company. The company has been created to commercialise the intellectual property developed on the YASA motor by the Energy and Power Group (EPG). The YASA motor has a number of distinct advantages, including a very high specific torque (torque to weight ratio), a high efficiency (typically up to 95%) and the possibility for low cost manufacturing.
The company is targeting Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Industrial markets where torque, efficiency and low motor mass are critical ingredients in achieving a high performance drive solution.
IDTechEx is currently preparing a report on electric motors for electric vehicles, starting with a survey of a large number of suppliers and applications by land, water and air to establish trends and achievements. If you have anything to contribute please contact Dr Peter Harrop on

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Posted on: August 24, 2011

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