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Supercapacitors USA presents the record breakers

The supercapacitor market continues to power up at 30% yearly with some little-known names taking some of the biggest orders at well over $10 million dollars each. These represent volume breakthroughs in applications such as train energy capture and the new application of protection and enhancement of electric car traction batteries.
Appropriately, therefore, Supercapacitors USA on November 7-8 2012 in Washington DC moves the subject forward in a dramatic fashion, placing it alongside the event Energy Harvesting USA with speakers such as the US Department of Defense (DoD), US Department of Energy and General Electric GE. Energy harvesting is also leading to some of the biggest orders for supercapacitors, mainly wind but with photovoltaics next. This unique event is staged by leading analyst IDTechEx External Link which is based in the UK, Germany and the USA.
Military to pure electric buses
Those breaking records with supercapacitors will present, such as military supplier LithChem of the USA with its remarkable 3.9 V cell voltage leading to high voltage stacks being lower in cost and more reliable because they are simpler. Indeed, these supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) also have exceptional energy density, now a key parameter as more and more rechargeable batteries are replaced completely by supercapacitors, as Sinautec Automobile Technologies of the USA explains for pure electric buses. Record energy densities are being achieved with symmetric supercapacitors, not just supercabatteries, even before graphene and carbon nanotubes (also covered in the event) hit the market.
Hybrid buses and aircraft
The largest orders where this is occurring include hybrid buses covered at the event and capturing and returning braking energy of trains and trams where leader Bombardier Transportation of Canada presents. It is eyeing potential use of supercapacitors in everything from its boats to its aircraft. Unlike other events, this one has blocked the usual commercials and obscure science to make way for examination of these new markets, an example being Boeing in the audience listening to Extreme Capacitor describing, "Electric Airplanes Using a New Generation of Supercapacitor and Li-ion batteries.". The National Institute of Aerospace presents on energy harvesting.
Radar to welding, mobile phones, healthcare
The variants called pseudocapacitors are now used in phased array radar carried by surveillance aircraft and this event has another supplier, Cellergy of Israel examining "Supercapacitors for Pulse Applications" made in the new way - advanced printing processes. Pulse applications have often been troublesome with supercapacitors but now they are used from welding to pulse signal transmission for example with ten suppliers doing well supplying supercapacitors for meter reading.
At the other extreme, The Paper Battery Company Inc USA presents on the world's thinnest, transfer-printable supercapacitors for mobile phones where several types of supercapacitors will be needed in volumes up to one billion yearly. Indeed, it is the sheer breadth of the applications that needs to be tracked nowadays, a reason why Ioxus USA describes, "Boosting transportation, wind and LED Lighting with Ultracapacitors". Advanced Biometric Sensors USA breaks the mould in the way it addresses healthcare issues with the devices. Uniquely the event has ten year forecasts and "How Supercapacitors Replace Batteries - What Next?" in the lineup. Here is the big picture and a chance to meet the users and the next leaders at Supercapacitors USA in Washington DC, November 7-8 2012.

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Posted on: October 9, 2012

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