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Major workshop explores how SMEs can get EVs to market quickly

INTRASME External Linkis an EC funded project to get electric vehicles to market quickly through a new 'fast and furious approach' that bypasses the traditional supply chain. A major workshopto be held in Berlin, Germany on 19 April, brings together major automotive manufacturers and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) showcasing leading edge electric vehicle technology. Registration at the INTRASME Vehicle Opportunity Workshop is free and open to businesses, policy makers and regional authorities operating within or interested in the electric vehicle market.
European SMEs can build Electric Vehicles!
Light electric land and air vehicles are being successfully developed by European SMEs. Pietro Perlo, from Torino's e-District, Italy will discuss these new opportunities in electro-mobility and whether SMEs can challenge traditional supply chain structures. The emergence of new business models such as Car Sharing may allow SMEs building electric vehicles to enter the market directly. Nissan's Manager External Affairs Europe, Francisco Carranza, will explore innovation in the internal combustion vehicle sector and opportunities for integrating new electric vehicle technology.
Opportunities for Electric Vehicles - beyond cars
INTRASME looks at electric vehicles as one business whether on - or off-road, on - or underwater or in the air. This is an opportunity for component and materials suppliers to serve all these areas. The market-leading vehicle makers already serve more than one application sector - with many expanding into yet more sectors. Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of independent analysts IDTechEx, will share their forecasts for pure and hybrid electric vehicles for land, sea and air 2013-2020 and will identify opportunities being created.
Electric Vehicles become electronic
The workshop also explores the expanding impact of electronic circuitry. About 50% of the value of a civil airliner lies in its electric and electronic circuits, whereas, for the family car, the figure is around 30%, with all these percentages steadily rising.
Case studies from successful SMEs will be presented to other SMEs and major players in the EV supply chain that reveal:
  • barriers they faced and ultimately, how they overcame them
  • the technology and business model they have developed
  • the EV supply chain
Participants will find out more about the current and future technology opportunities that have been identified in the EV supply chain. Innovation Bridge Consulting will advise how R&D funding support from the EU 7th Framework Programme and the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Programme can help SMEs work with large players in the EV sector.
This EU-funded one day event is free for European SMEs to attend. Book your place today as places are limited - register here.

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Posted on: April 12, 2013

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