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Solar, storage and electric vehicles now joined at the hip

A new addition to the remarkable lineup at the forthcoming IDTechEx conference Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing is Kleenspeed presenting on the now intimate linkage between electric vehicles, solar and storage. The conference, "Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" is part of IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara California November 18-19 with associated optional masterclasses and visits November 17 and 20.
Kleenspeed is famed for its electric racer and road cars and now its leverage of the vehicle battery pack and battery management technology into domestic systems as well. Chief Executive Timothy Collins enthuses, "It is a very timely subject especially in light of Tesla's announcement and booking success with stationary storage through Solar City. Tesla's $800M backlog has to be viewed from the perspective that it is free to be amortized by savings but just the same it demonstrates that everyone would like to have (emergency power) stationary storage charged by the sun".
He explains, "This storage and solar installation could also charge the car and set up harmonic balancing revenue for the grid. Solar, storage and EVs are joined at the hip. Most people do not know that if you have solar on the roof connected to the grid that when the grid goes down the solar is useless. That forces off-grid switching to be employed which is another business as utility contracts come into play".
Indeed, he warns that storms, acts of God, acts of terrorism and violence and accidents cause power outages and everyone is affected. "Stationary storage that includes the EV is the only defense for the individual, family business or factory suffering power outages. The 20th century defense was polluting, unreliable diesel generators and lead-acid stand-by power but lithium-ion storage is the 21st century solution."
Chairman of analysts IDTechEx says, "IDTechEx Show! with well over 200 exhibitors and over 3000 paying delegates is unique in showcasing a host of next-generation EV technologies including 3D printing, high power energy harvesting, advanced sensors, printed electronics replacing heavy wiring and components and graphene and other 2D materials. It covers structural electronics where the vehicle body is the energy storage and so on. Suddenly heavy and large parts take no space and add almost no weight at all. Design rules are rewritten and previously impossible vehicles result including ones that travel almost forever on sunshine, wind and other sources of electricity harvested on-board".
Top image source: Kleenspeed
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