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Opportunities for start-ups at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin

Analyst IDTechEx helps start-ups by letting them exhibit free in its big shows such as the forthcoming "IDTechEx Show!" in Berlin April 27-28 with over 150 exhibitors, over 2500 paying delegates and eight parallel conferences, two of them strongly featuring high power energy harvesting both from ambient energy and by recuperation in vehicles. These conferences are Energy Harvesting and Storage and Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Last year it assisted promising start-up Witt Ltd with its electrodynamic device that creates electricity from both rotational and linear movement in all three axes: the company exhibited and presented at no cost. IDTechEx also supports the industry with new reports such as, High Power Energy Harvesting: Off-Grid 10W-100kW 2016-2026.
Chairman of IDTechEx Dr Peter Harrop says, "The global market for high power energy harvesting transducers is rocketing fivefold to $6.6 billion in 2026 with electrodynamic devices taking the lion's share. The total market for HPEH systems will be a multiple of that. Some new approaches such as magnetostrictive harvesting and the Witt device potentially span 10W-1MW output. While Witt is rightly addressing areas where it has immediate interest first, such as military back packs and boats, we believe there will be applications in land vehicles as well, particularly when the system is lightweighted. For example, that may include making the enclosed swinging pendulum into the battery or supercapacitor storage in our opinion".
Nicholas Gill CEO of Witt recently told IDTechEx, "We are making really good progress with bringing our first 200 Watt Marine WITT that captures energy from all 6 degrees of freedom into testing and production working with Schaeffler and Gibbs Gears. We are also about to commence an equity round via Crowdcube on 7th March 2016". Crowdcube recently raised £2 million for another high power energy harvesting company Pavegen which creates electricity from footfall on surfaces.
Harrop adds, "We shall be closely watching the excellent progress of Witt. High power energy harvesting is the place to be right now, driven by such things as much tougher emissions regulations, work-rounds to avoid the cost, reliability and life issues with large batteries and locations going off- grid to save cost and blackouts and to survive where there is no grid. There is also a growing interest in energy independent vehicles such as planes and airships that stay aloft for five to ten years and the planned Immortus solar car. For land use, Witt has an intriguing concept of an inherently unstable dragonfly wing set generating electricity from feeble wind energy. Not all such ideas will be commercial but this is an exciting field to be in nowadays".
Find out more at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, 27-28 April or contact Corinne Jennings, for exhibition opportunities.

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Posted on: March 4, 2016

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