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IDTechEx Berlin electric vehicle event excites

The forthcoming "IDTechEx Show!" in Berlin has a two day conference, "Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" with an uncompromising focus on the future and the new - 27-28 April, Presenter Dr Slezák Tamás, CEO of Moveo says "Our Amber One is a new electric car developed in one year. The design is unique: a Hungarian-developed four-wheel drive car mounted with hub motors equipped with range-extender. Our long-term goal in this field is to create a system that can be widely-used as a base for several car types. The boundaries of our drivetrain concept can only be measured with a high-performance prototype car. For long-range travel we are examining the possibility of integrating a range-extender. The system was constructed so further developments exploit the advantages of the four electric hub motors (e.g. torque vectoring, stability control)".
He constructed a lightweight, high-strength chassis, suspension and steering supporting the large moving mass of the electric drivetrain. The frame of the car is carbon fiber reinforced polymers, using structural analysis and manufacturing technology unique in Hungary. Moveo will exhibit its two wheel EVs alongside Tesla, new vehicles and over 50 companies in future EV parts and materials from structural electronics, conformal photovoltaics, graphene and 3D printing to printed electronics. Star attraction in the 150 stand exhibition floor is the new global record solar racing car from presenters Nuon Solar in the Netherlands. It achieved the fastest crossing of Australia a few months ago in the Bridgestone Solar Challenge. However, best practice is not confined to land vehicles nowadays, though that is also the focus of new vision from Daimler, Toyota and Siemens at the event. They cover the future of the electric bus, and forthcoming fuel cell buses and cars.
A hundred years ago, electric drivelines revolutionized the industry for small ships. No sails and no steam. Electrically driven cargo barges used the river Spree in Berlin. Electric driven tourist boats sailed on the river Thames. Hans Thornell, Green City Ferries Sweden continues, "Then came Rudolf's invention: The diesel motor, undisputed ruler in the machine room of most ships. However, its shortcomings have become fatal. People die from its emissions. Thanks to the battery development in recent years it has become possible to store large amounts of energy on board and use it for electric propulsion. The biggest hurdle, the charging time, is not a big issue any more. So electricity strikes back and outperforms diesel. In the transition to electric driven vessels there need to be three major driving forces in place:
1. Technology - Charging and battery technology is available today
2. Economy - In some countries operating costs are lower with electric driveline
3. Politics - Regulation like "No emission 2025" changes everything
The change is necessary in cities where NOx and particles are hazardous to citizen's health. In cities it is also easy to make charging available. Norway is leading the race towards electric driven fleets by having a high diesel price and low price on electricity. Norwegian politicians take necessary decisions. So, start looking at Norway. Where the market is, you will find the technologies and the leading companies.
Green City Ferries bought and retrofitted (using Echandia Marine) the 100-passenger vessel Movitz the world's first super-charged electric passenger ferry. Next, in April 2016, the world's fastest super-charged electric passenger ferry will be launched at the shipyard in Riga, Latvia by Echandia Marine. It rides at 30 knots on an air cushion using 40 % less energy.
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx enthuses, "This is what our event is about: tearing up the rule book, setting records and totally reinventing electromobility by land, water and air. In addition, on April 26 and 29 there are 24 masterclasses with visits to centres of excellence on advanced materials, sensors, structural electronics, batteries, electric vehicles and other EV related matters."
Find out more in Berlin, 27-28 April at the IDTechEx Show! and Electric Vehicles sessions:

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Posted on: April 8, 2016

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