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Reusable electric powertrain

Ecotuned Automobile specializes in electric conversion of pickup with the first reusable powertrain system in the world. Its reusable powertrain for commercial vehicles takes advantage of the lifetime of 1 million km for the electric motor and by drawing on the similarity between trucks. Demonstrated in June 2016 at EVS29 in Montreal Canada, it is designed to be easily installed, with only standard tools. It can be reused up to 5 times in over 85 % of pickup trucks in North America. This solution allows amortization of the technology cost plus important savings for the customer. It also reduces GHG emissions generated from the fuel combustion, the scrapping and the manufacturing of new vehicles.
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Savings and benefits

Source: Ecotuned
The following benefits accrue:
It uses only parts from recognized manufacturers whose technology is fully developed and certified,
it can fit and be reused on various pickup trucks models thanks to a universal attachment system and computer.
It is equipped with a powerful 160 kW motor with a service life of 1 million km
It is equipped with a transmission with two servo-controlled speeds
It is safe (conservation of the crumple zones, ESP, ABS, airbag, etc.)
It is able to adapt to future generations of batteries.
The revenue model proposed by Ecotuned is the free conversion of the customer's pickup in exchange of a monthly payment of $ 700 per vehicle for a 3-year lease. This rental model conversion kit includes installation, maintenance, as well as product and parts warranty. This approach has the benefit of cutting the cost of replacement and purchase of a new pickup for $ 35,000 as well as the fuel operating cost of over $ 5,000 per year. Overall, the customer's economy is above $ 15,000 over 3 years. During this period, monthly payments received by Ecotuned would have repaid the cost of the system. At that point, the system can then be reused in another vehicle (or the same if it still enables it) for a new lease. Profits for Ecotuned will be generated from the 4th year of operation and are estimated to be more than $ 7,000 annually per installed units. Note that the service life of 1 million km powertrain allows to reuse the system up to 5 times consecutively. The batteries will be replaced after 9 years with a new generation more efficient and less expensive.


Source: Ecotuned
Andy Ta of Ecotuned Automobile, 400 Montfort # 2320 Canada,, says, "The market is huge. Indeed, every year in Canada and in the US, more than 1.2 million new pickup trucks are sold. Our customer target is the managers of public and private vehicles fleets. Our estimation shows that every year, over 60,000 fleet's pickups that have their manufacturer's warranty expired may be converted to electricity rather than being replaced. From this figure, our conservative forecast is the conversion of 1 000 units within 4 years through a network of accredited garages-installers across the Canada and the US. Our revenue model is the leasing of the conversion kits. We propose to convert freely the pickup truck that otherwise would have been replaced, against a 35% lower instalment, compared to the conventional model. This represents a saving of $ 5 500 per year for the customer. With this approach, our gross margin reaches 60%".

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Posted on: June 24, 2016

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