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The 200+ stand IDTechEx Show!

The 200+ stand, eight conference IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California, November 18-19 will this year include a dedicated session on electric vehicles. It has been several years since IDTechEx last hosted this topic in CA and we are thrilled to be back.
The future of racing and transportation will be on display in the form of Kleenspeed cars. Tim Collins, President will be presenting in the conference sessions on: 'Solar, Storage and EV are Joined at the Hip Now.' It should be a very interesting talk - register your place at:
He declares, "The EV-X11 is our record-holding 160mph LeMans type single-seat race car. KleenSpeed World KAR is our electric KAR for the masses - under $10,000 as 2 / 2 GT. The battery, giving over 160 miles range (heated and cooled for any climate), costs less per month than the alternative - conventional car gasoline, oil and maintenance."
There are a large number of stands presenting the next key enabling technologies for EVs including those for land, water and air. These technologies include 3D printing, high power energy harvesting, new sensors and new materials including grapheme. Raghu Das, CEO of analysts IDTechEx says, "Our event with over 3000 paying delegates is like none other in being firmly directed towards business success with new disruptive technologies."
Electric vehicle and allied masterclasses are before and after the two day conference. Its globally-sourced, best-in-class presentations will trigger new ideas and unexpected benchmarking. That includes Solaris electric buses from Poland and the Faradair solar industrial plane from the United Kingdom.
Hear Panasonic of Japan on, 'Internet of Things & Connected Car' and two presentations on the new 3D printing of EVs. Attend the remarkable session on progress to Energy Independent Electric Vehicles EIV for here is the future. It includes Alta Devices who will explain its 'Ultra-lightweight, Thin and Flexible, High Efficiency Solar for Anything that Moves.' Envision Solar covers, 'Driving on Sunshine.' Witt Energy announces harvesting rotational and linear energy in 3D with one device in the vehicle. Its remarkable new component can even incorporate energy storage in its structural parts, structural electronics being an important emphasis in the event.
Delegates get the analyst overview of where electric motors and allied, 'rotating machines' are headed in electric vehicles. There are global overviews of the future of power electronics and range extenders in EVs and the full session on future traction batteries will be an eye opener.
Find out more at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing / 18-19 November / Santa Clara, CA -

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